About Us

Therapy Connect is Australia’s leading NDIS online therapy provider. We deliver fast and easy access to highly qualified and experienced therapists across the country for our clients. Our team works from their home offices using highly effective telehealth practices to deliver exceptional service to clients. Our highly experienced and qualified, multidisciplinary team of practitioners work across a range of specialties. We offer continuing professional development through leave and allowances as well as through our Communities of Practice and internal knowledge sharing.

Flexibility isn’t a buzzword at Therapy Connect. We’ve been a remote first organisation since 2015 and we believe work should fit your life, not the other way around. From children, to travel, or other professional or personal pursuits, we encourage and embrace flexibility and believe in life- work integration.

We are a Remote yet connected team of highly skilled professionals. Our team are passionate thought leaders who believe healthcare belongs to everyone, regardless of location. A team who believes in sharing their expertise and knowledge, and supporting each other’s passions and aspirations.

Collaboration is key to our success. We work in partnership with our team; connecting them with clients who align with their expertise, and support their passion and aspirations through professional development. We empower our team through choice, such as full time or part time employment and flexible scheduling, appointments and remote work.

As a remote first organisation, we are connected by our values. Our shared commitment to equity, connection and making an impact underpin the reason we exist and the way we make decisions. Learn more about how we engage here https://youtu.be/0ZsTd_Z1TaA