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❔ What is Allied Health Exchange?

We are a job board dedicated to connecting the best Allied Health professionals with the best jobs.

Easily search, review and apply to jobs that meet your requirements.

💻 Do I need to register an account?

No account is required. Simply apply directly from the job listing

For Employers

📰 What ads can I list?

All jobs and listings related to Allied Health practice in Australia are accepted.
This includes the following professions:

Podiatry, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Exercise Physiology, Nutritionist, Chiropractic, Exercise Physiology, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Optometry, Allied Health Assistant and admin positions

We also offer Room rental and classified listings.

❔ Why should I list with you?

We’re more affordable than other platforms and have 45 day listing periods. If you're somehow unsuccessful in finding a suitable candidate, get in touch and we'll list it again for free.

✱ What is the Candidate Guarantee?

We stand by our listings. If you’re unable to find a suitable candidate during the 45 day listing period, we’ll re-list it for free. If your chosen candidate falls through within the first 6 months, we’ll re-list it for free. Simply use the chat bubble or email us at: hello@alliedhealthexchange.com.au

^ What is a Social Media Boost?

Jobs with our Social Media Boost see 2x-10x more views and applicants on average. Our team will create and share an announcement on Social Media, targeted to key candidate audiences.

⌛ How long will my listing stay up?

45 days for job listings (though we'll list your ad for an additional 45 days if you don't find the perfect candidate for the position). Simply email us at hello@alliedhealthexchange.com.au

Classified/room rental listings will be extended to 180 days as we know these generally take a bit more time.

✍ Can I edit my listing?

Yes, Simply login to the employer portal and you will be able to edit your listing

💲 What does it cost to list?

Standard listings start from $89
Classified and room rental listings are $45 and will be extended to 180 days. Please contact our team to arrange the proper coupon code to access this price.
Larger organisations with multiple listings please contact us at hello@alliedhealthexchange.com.au

The advertised prices do not include GST

📲 How do I contact support?

Email us hello@alliedhealthexchange.com.au