About Us

NeuroCog® Pty Ltd is a neuroscience enterprise providing clinical assessments, treatment, training, research and development of products and services for neurocognitive related fields. The NeuroCog® enterprise consists of The NeuroCog®  Clinic, the managing practice and laboratory of the NeuroCog® Network of practitioners and clinics. In addition to providing direct services, the NeuroCog®  Clinic is a teaching and training facility for provisional psychologists and other allied practitioners. NeuroCog® Pty Ltd creates psychological instruments, training programs, software as a service (SaaS) and medical devices. We are also a resource hub for the profession of psychology and related fields. We are collaborating with other enterprises across the health landscape and seeking new opportunities in the private and public sectors.

New Jobs

Senior Psychologist | Clinic Lead

Full-time  •  Australia: Manly & WFH  •  A$ 100,000 - A$ 135,000 / year  •  Job posted 3m ago
Job posted 3m ago